Thursday, April 25, 2013

Turn your Worries into Faith

     Billy Graham once stated, "The highest form of worship is the worship of an unselfish Christian." What would really happen in our lives if we faithfully, wholly and truly gave up our wants, needs and dreams and gave them ALL to God?
    Well, we know that God wins in the end; the Bible tells us that. Therefore; why do we worry so much about everything when we know that God has every second of our lives in His hands. Worry is is something that I have struggled with as a Christian, but as I have strengthened my relationship with God I have started to let my worries turn into Faith. Even though He does not have to prove anything to me, he has. He has proven to me over and over again that His word is true and he will NEVER fail me.
     God is infinite and He is everywhere. I can worship him in my car on the way to work, by reading His word, praying to Him with my husband and just enjoying His presence in my everyday life. Although God listens to me wherever I am and however I speak to Him, I do not want to leave out what a faith altering experience it has been to worship my God in His house!
     His house is the holiest place I can go to worship Him. He loves that I talk to Him wherever I am, but there are special messages He gives to my pastor each Sunday to encourage my walk with Him, He sings songs with us as we worship as a congregation and He gives the people of the church testimonies to speak to strengthen others as human beings.
        What a blessing it is to be able to serve Jesus. His arms are open and the angels in Heaven rejoice over each person who gives their life to Him. This is a gift that one should unwrap, embrace and talk to everyone about. So... worship God in every moment- good and bad, praise him in the dark because he is the light, and go to His house and watch your worries turn into faith.